Essential Information You Need to Have About Post Construction Cleaning

It tends to be the wish of every contractor to turn in the key to the client after repairs or construction when the project is at its best. However, a project may not be considered as complete until good post construction cleaning has been done. Post construction cleaning tend to involve three critical phases which must be done. The cleaning may entail cleaning of the walls to ensure that there are no dirt, marks, and smudges. It may also include power washing especially on the windows and frames. It is also essential to note that it tends to include dusting the ceiling, heaters, lights, fans and other areas that may have accumulated dirt or dust in the construction process. The cleaning also tend to involve removal of stickers and other smudges on the cabinets and doors. It is also through this cleaning that issues such as leaks and lose wires tends to be identified and fixed. You may need to consider reading on to know some of the steps involved in the post-construction cleaning.

Rough clean phase tends to be the first post-construction cleaning phase. The rough clean comes after installation of electric works, framing, and plumbing. It is in this phase that all debris and leftover materials are gotten rid of. After removal of large items, sweeping can be done. Stickers on the doors, windows, and cabinets also ought to be removed in this phase.

Light cleaning tends to be the second phase of post-construction cleaning. This phase is labor-intensive and also tend to involve a lot of tools and equipment. This phase tend to focus on special rooms such as restrooms and kitchens. Areas such as toilets, sinks, windows, and cabinets tend to be thoroughly cleaned. This phase demand hiring a professional who knows what it takes to remove all the dirt. This phase tends to be detailed and tends to be intensive as it tends to involve cleaning places such as air ducts. This phase tends to be very close to moving-in of client type of cleaning. The stage tends to involve cleaning of the whole facility as opposed to just cleaning the floor, the carpet and cleaning off the visible areas.

The post-construction cleaning tends to have touch up cleaning as the last phase. This phase takes lesser time especially in a case where the second phase was well done. Bearing in mind that post-construction cleaning tends to demand a lot of time and a detail-oriented kind of professionals, it is always essential to make sure that you take your time to hire the best cleaners. There are hidden sections of the building people tend to have no idea that they need cleaning. In most cases most people do terrible work especially after they get tired of cleaning.

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